0.1 Micron Ultra Filtration Technology

Clean water, wherever you need it!

Water-Genie Water Filter Kit

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Filters Rain, River & Dam Water

Kit Contents:
1 x Water-Genie Water Filter
1 x Sediment filter and hose
1 x Stainless steel filter hanger
1 x Backwash syringe
1 x Household tap adapter and hose
1 x Tap adapter for bucket
1 x Drill bit and handle for bucket
*Does not include bucket

    Great product. It filters the water really good. It is small and light weight for a bugout bag.


Easy to set up and so far doing a good job of cleaning up our tank water.


Good quality product.


Easy ordering process. Speedy delivery. The filter came almost fully assembled and with everything i needed to complete the rest of the assembly. AND it came with some spare parts! Clear, easy instructions. Very easy to use to use. Portable. Filters efficiently. Very happy with my purchase.


    Best portable water filter I’ve used! Its well thought out and incredibly easy to use! Would definitely recommend!


Risks found in water

In nature, all water contains impurities. As water moves, it dissolves and carries with it the things that it comes in contact with. At certain levels, these micro-organisms can be considered contaminants.  A contaminant in drinking water could make it unpleasant to drink at best, and at worst, even unsafe. 1 in 9 people do not have access to clean and safe water. Water Genie is the low cost solution to helping millions of people access clean, safe drinking water


Water-Genie removes sediment like sand, dirt, silt, plant and animal matter


Water-Genie will remove bacteria such as E.Coli at a rate of 99.999%


Water-Genie will remove protozoa includin giardia & cryptosporidium


Water-Genie can remove microplastics from water

Water-Genie features 0.1 micron Ultra Filtration

The Water-Genie uses Ultra Filtration hollow membrane technology to filter all the impurities  out of the water.

Ultra Filtration may sound like a very complicated technology, but it is actually really simple! It stops the impurities like bacteria and parasites, while letting the friendly things like minerals get through, much like a sieve but on a microscopic level!

Dirty, unsafe water goes in, and clean water comes out. Similar to the way your kidneys filter waste from your body.

What does the Water-Genie remove?

  • 99.9% of bacteria removed

  • 99.9% of parasites removed

  • 99.9% of micro-organisms removed

    Ultra Filtration hollow fibre membrane technology removes bacteria, impurities, micro-organisms and fine particles